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3D Systems 3D Printers

The 3D Systems ProJet ColorJet 3D Printer family are the fastest, most affordable rapid prototyping machine in the world.

The ProJet series of 3D Printers offer unmatched resolution, accuracy, functionality and detail in many material choices.

The CubeX is is the hot selling desktop entry level 3D printer for inventors, educators and engineers.

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ProJet ColorJet

The 3D Systems ColorJet family of 3D Printers are the fastest, most affordable rapid prototyping machines in the world. Office friendly and easy to use makes it possible for any one in your organization to build high quality, full color prototypes in hours not days.

CubeX 3D Printer

TheCubeX desktop 3D printer offer tough ABS and PLA parts at a very affordable price.



3D Systems ProJet 3D Printers build durable plastic parts that rival injection molding's accuracy, material properties, detail and surface finish.

3D Printer Applications

  • Concept models
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Packaging
  • Fit, form & Function
  • Assembly mockup
  • Investment casting
  • Manufacturing feasibility
  • Design iteration
  • Collectables
  • Medical surgery planning
  • Architecture
  • Jewelry
  • Dental
  • Civil
  • Biomolecular
  • Appearance
  • Much more