3D printing services making robotics cost effective

  If you envisaged a future where robots would be made to do what we humans can do but would rather not then you may be a little disappointed. Robotics is coming along in leaps and bounds but more robots are being made to do exactly what humans can’t do rather than what they can. … Read more

Z Corporation’s 3D Printed precision time-piece

As an example of the precision with which 3D Printing services can create parts from 3D CAD files it is a fantastic example: Z Corporation’s engineer John Luongo has created a precision timepiece using a Z Printer. Mr Luongo had a passion for clocks already and started experimenting with a Z Printer to make all … Read more

Rapid Prototyping & 3D printing technology used to create unique artwork

Art whether 2D or 3D is something that many have always believed should be physical, as such many see artwork done on a computer as not being real art. What then if a design made on a computer can then be made into something physical? A 3D sculpture that is printed from a design created … Read more

Filton based Engineers use BBC to showcase 3D Printing’s potential

You probably wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that the aviation industry use the latest rapid prototyping service machinery in their designing, however what this means to people unconnected with the aviation or other related industries is very limited. Rapid prototyping services of any type mean very little to most people and 3D printing … Read more

MIT continue to lead the way in 3D printing technology

If people’s predictions for the spread and uptake of 3D printing turn out to be right so that 3D printers become as common place as 2D printers in the home and businesses and almost completely replace tooling machines then the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be looked on as the power behind it. MIT have … Read more