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HP Blue RGB 150 MN HP Jet Fusion 500/300
HP Jet Fusion 500/300 3D Printers

Introducing the NEW HP Jet Fusion 500 and 300 Series 3D Printers. Produce functional parts in full color, black or white — with voxel control — in a fraction of the time. The cost-effective HP 3D printers tailored for small/medium-sized product development teams, design firms, and universities.

Accelerate Your Design Cycle

  • Increase your productivity—produce multiple prototype iterations in the same time it takes to print a single part
  • Access convenient in-house automated production with the most compact HP Jet Fusion 3D device
  • Get the parts you want when you need them, easily, reliably, and predictably
  • Move smoothly from prototyping to final part production with the same HP Multi Jet Fusion platform

Produce Accurate, Functional Parts

  • Produce engineering-grade thermoplastic parts with optimal mechanical properties.
  • Achieve fine detail and high dimensional accuracy for small features
  • Access a wide range of future materials and applications with the HP Multi Jet Fusion Open Platform
  • Get accurate and repeatable results

Create Full Spectrum Color Parts

  • Produce brilliant, full-color functional parts while maintaining optimal mechanical properties
  • Stay ahead with a future-ready technology, configurable for voxel control beyond color

VideosImagesFeaturesBenefitsSuccess Stories

  • Effective build volume 580/540: 190 mm x 332 mm x 248 mm
  • Effective build volume 380/340: (190 mm x 254 mm x 248 mm)
  • Productivity: Full bucket with 52 parts in about 15 hours, as
    many as 5 parts in around four hours
  • Layer thickness: 0.08mm

  • Full color, black or white functional parts
  • Prototyping and production with the same technology
  • Strong, reliable nylon parts
  • Fine details and dimensional accuracy