About Our Professional 3D Printers

EMS offers a full line of high performance professional 3D printers designed specifically to meet the varied and often complex product development and fabrication needs of the aerospace, defense, medical, simulation, and consumer products customers.

MultiJet 3D Printing – Functional Plastic Prototypes

ProJet 2500, 3600 and 5000 printers take advantage of advanced MultiJet modeling technology and VisiJet materials to create fully cured plastic parts tough enough to be used as functional end use parts, or as prototypes for form, fit and function verification testing.

Multi-Material MultiJet 3D Printing – Functional Multi-Material Plastic Prototypes

ProJet 5500 printers take 3D multijet printing to a new level by combining fast print speeds and a large build volume with the ability to print parts with multiple engineered plastic or rubber properties in one build.

Full Color Composite 3D Printing – Fast, Color Concept Models

Quiet, quick and cost-effective, ProJet composite color printers are perfect for creating realistic full color models for proof of concept and design intent for a wide range of customers.

Available in six models with different resolution, color and build size options, ProJet x60 printers create stunningly beautiful, full color parts extremely quickly and cost-effectively.

Full Color Plastic Composite 3D Printing – Fast, Color Plastic Models

The only 3D printer to combine full color with durable plastic materials, the ProJet 4500 series delivers flexible, strong functional end-use parts with superior surface quality and full color.

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing – Highly Accurate, Durable Plastic Parts

Considered cross-overs, ProJet 6000 and 7000 printers combine the 3D print precision and performance quality of production SLA parts with an easy-to-use interface and more cost-effective ownership associated with professional grade printers.

Wax 3D Printing – Great for Wax Patterns to Castings

ProJet CP printers combine superior wax casting patterns and unmatched throughput to deliver RealWax patterns with exceptional precision and smooth surface quality.