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Rize One 3D Printer

The most versatile industrial 3D printer for your lab or office providing the industry's fastest turnaround on manufacturing parts.

The Rize One 3D printer, with virtually zero post-processing, enables you to produce parts up to 100% faster than other systems and cut costs by more than 50%. Gone are the messy and toxic post-processing materials, the special hookups and space required for post-processing devices and disposal and, most importantly, the hours of expensive labor required to deal with all of it.

Finally, you can produce industrial-class parts in the lab or on demand, right in your office, quickly, safely and affordably, to:

    • Speed time to market
    • Cut costs
    • Streamline operations
    • Reduce defects during manufacturing
    • Increase the accuracy of production
    • Customize tooling, jigs and fixtures
    • Improve designs

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  • Build size: 12in. X 8in. X 6in. (300mm X 200mm X 150mm)
  • Layer Thickness: 0.25mm (250 microns)
  • Workstation Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Network Connectivity: Ethernet 10/100 OR USB Stick
  • Size: 21.4in. tall X 36in. wide X 25.4in. deep (543mm X 915mm X 644mm)
  • Weight: 135lbs (61kg)

  • Zero post-processing
  • No toxic emissions, mess or hazardous materials
  • Isotropic parts 2x stronger than ABSplus
  • Smooth surface finish
  • High-definition text & images
  • Automatic file fixing softward