3D Scanning & Laser Tracking Services, Equipment & Software
for Precision Measurement

EMS is a leading provider of 3D scanning services, equipment and software for quality control, inspection and product design. We specialize in on and off-site 3d laser scanning, tracking, photogrammetry and CAD modeling services. In addition, we offer a full line of professional and metrology-grade 3D scanners and precision measurement equipment, inspection and reverse engineering software, and custom training.

Whatever your industrial or product measurement needs are, EMS 3D can help. With 20 years of aerospace, automotive and industrial manufacturing 3D measurement and CAD modeling experience, EMS 3D offers certified engineers, responsive service and quality results. From small precision parts to large aircraft, you can count on EMS when precision measurement matters.

Engineering & Manufacturing Services - 3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning, Modeling
& Metrology Services

EMS's certified engineers provide a full range of non-contact 3D scanning, laser tracking, CMM probing, scan to CAD modeling, and inspection analysis services for quality assurance and reverse engineering...

Engineering & Manufacturing Services - 3D Scanners

3D Scanners, Probes &
Laser Trackers

EMS offers first hand experience with the short, medium and long range 3D scanners, laser trackers, CMM probes and photogrammetry systems that we sell. Manufacturers include Creaform, Surphaser, API and others ...

Engineering & Manufacturing Services - 3D Software

Reverse Engineering, Inspection & CAD Software

EMS provides 3D software sales as well as custom onsite and offsite training for the leading inspection, reverse engineering and product design software, including Innovmetric Polyworks, Geomagic and Solidworks...