As a 3D scanning and metrology services company, EMS works with aerospace, automotive, marine, military, and industrial equipment customers to solve complex precision measurement challenges. Whether the customers' needs are on or off-site services or equipment, EMS offers 20 years of experience with 3D scanning and measurement technologies, inspection and reverse engineering software, and CAD modeling expertise to provide the right precision measurement solution.

EMS' 3D measurement technologies include structured light scanners, blue light laser scanners, laser trackers, CMM probing, photogrammetry and CT scanning. In addition, EMS uses, sells and offers training for multiple inspection, reverse engineering and CAD modeling software tools.

EMS 3D Knowledge Center

EMS is committed to helping companies better understand how 3D scanning can strengthen their businesses by reducing time and costs associated with inspection/quality control and product development processes.

EMS’ Knowledge Center includes a wide range of informational materials, including videos, images, success stories, as well as a variety of articles on technologies, equipment and applications. EMS. When precision measurement matters.

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