About Our 3D Knowledge Center

3D printing and 3D scanning are changing the way companies approach product development. EMS is committed to helping companies better understand how 3D printing and 3D scanning can benefit their business – from streamlining product development workflow, reverse engineering and inspections, to creating short run wax pattern castings, low volume tooling or high precision end use parts.

Our 3D Scanning and 3D Printing Knowledge Center includes a variety of information about the different technologies, applications and materials available. The EKC also features articles such as what to look for in a 3D partner, 'how to' videos, 'before and after' images, and project summaries. All designed to help you understand the different 3D technologies and capabilities available.

3D Scanning Knowledge Center

If you want to learn more about which 3D scanning technologies are the best choice for microscopic medical items, complex mechanical parts or large aircraft projects, select the link to learn more.

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