3D Scanning & Measurement Technologies for Automotive

For over 20 years, EMS has been working with automotive customers to provide 3D scanning technologies, software and services for shop floor inspection and product development. Whether precision measurement needs center around product development, first article inspection or ongoing shop floor quality control, EMS helps auto manufacturers solve complex measurement problems quickly and cost effectively to stay competitive.

Automotive product development and manufacturing has become an increasingly complex and high tech industry. Years ago a typical car or truck model would last five to seven years with only some minor changes. In today’s market, many vehicle models are completely redesigned in as few as three years with minor model changes every two years. As a result, 3D Scanning and shop floor inspection capabilities are playing an increasingly important role in improving quality control and time to market.

Automotive 3D Scanning & Measurement Applications

  • Complete vehicles
  • Individual parts & assemblies
  • Tooling & Fixtures
  • Interior flooring & components
  • Shop floor metrology
  • Design validation
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