Geomagic 3D Software

Geomagic 3D software tools enable engineers to quickly and effectively create 3D data from scans for reverse engineering, design products for manufacture, and inspect production parts.

Whether you are looking for the best reverse engineering, product design, or inspection software, Geomagic has the 3D software tools you need to get the job done.

3D Scanning Software

Deliver precise digital 3D models and CAD assemblies of physical objects for use in design, engineering and manufacturing. Geomagic reverse engineering software makes the process of digitally representing and engineering from the physical world fast, easy and accurate. Geomagic 3D scanning software includes Geomagic Wrap, Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS, and Geomagic Design X.

Design Software

Solve complex design and manufacturing challenges with unique sculpting and organic engineering solutions that facilitate fast 3D modeling of complex, highly detailed, organic shapes for prototyping or manufacturing. Make amazing mechanical designs quickly and easily with a rich set of 3D modeling tools. Create intelligent parts, assemblies and drawings with fully parametric solid modeling software. Geomagic design software includes Geomagic Sculpt and Geomagic Freeform.