The Aerospace industry offers some very unique and complex challenges for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and inspection. Most aircraft are highly complex assemblies of mechanical parts, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and more. Parts and assemblies can be very large, and tight tolerances, complex designs and FAA certifications make working in this industry not for the beginner.

EMS has been working in the Aerospace industry for over a decade providing 3D scanning services of very small parts to the complete 3D Scanning and CAD modeling of dozens of large aircraft. EMS also has produced hundreds of 3D printed parts for everything from end use parts and scaled models to wind tunnel testing and more. EMS provides the following 3D services to the aerospace industry:

Aerospace use of 3D Scanning & Inspection

  • Complete aircraft
  • Individual parts & assemblies
  • Tooling & Fixtures
  • Interior layout & refurbishment
  • Shop floor metrology
  • Design validation
  • Assembly inspection
  • Replica parts for simulators

Aerospace uses of 3D Printing

  • Prototypes for fit checks
  • Wind tunnel testing of parts and scaled models
  • Full color analysis models showing FEA, CFD and more
  • Complex Assemblies
  • Style validation
  • Functional test parts
  • Replica parts for simulators
  • Packaging & ergonomics