GeoMagic – Design X

GeoMagic Design X is powerful tool for polygon editing and advanced surface and solid model creation. It’s the only product on the market capable of building feature based solids models that can be “Live Transferred” to CAD products such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Siemens NX, AutoCAD and more…

Geomagic Control

GeoMagic Control allows for complete 2D and 3D inspection of parts and assemblies. Dimensional tolerances and GD&T are full supported along with inspection reports output in PDF, Excel and Powerpoint formats.

Geomagic FreeForm

A virtual clay sculpting tool that allows the user to import scan data and sculpt it to any shape using a feedback haptic hand held device. Great for sculpture, fossils and artwork.


Solidworks is the defacto 3D CAD standard for many companies today. Ease of use and powerful features make it attractive to small, medium and large companies.


Spaceclaim is the next generation of 3D CAD as it doesn’t require a history tree perform solid modeling. By graphically driving all design Spaceclaim makes it fast and easy to do product design and engineering.

Magics RP

Magics is a powerful polygon editing and creation tool. Great 3D Pringin and 3D scanning.