EMS 3D Tech Days 2017:

"Cutting through the 3D Hype: Understanding the Realities of Additive Manufacturing & 3D Scanning for Industry"

    Wednesday, Nov. 8th: Ft. Lauderdale
    Thursday, Nov. 9th: Miami
    Wednesday, Nov. 15th: Orlando
    Thursday, Nov. 16th: Melbourne

Join us for 3D Tech Days 2017: "Cutting through the 3D Hype: Understanding Additive Manufacturing & 3D Scanning for Industry". Attend key presentations at 10am (Additive Manufacturing) and 2pm (3D Scanning). Or, simply stop by anytime between 9am and 4pm. See live demos, test sample parts, talk to industry pros, and pick up your free 3D printed part.


10:00 AM: Beyond the Hype - The Realities of Additive Manufacturing for Industry

Advances in 3D Printing technologies are now approaching the point where Additive Manufacturing (AM) is becoming a viable solution for short-run manufacturing. Learn what technologies and applications are viable for production, and where challenges remain. Learn about the different considerations when designing parts and manufacturing processes specifically for AM technology. Understand the industries and applications using AM, the costs of 3D printing solutions, and what you should expect going forward.

  • Technologies & Materials (SLS, MJF, SLA, FDM, DMLS, MJP, CJP...)
  • Benefits & Challenges
  • Design for AM
  • Applications & Uses
  • AM Versus Traditional
  • Future of AM
  • 2:00 PM 3D Scanning Technologies for Reverse Engineering & Metrology

    3D Scanning is playing a greater role in the worlds of reverse engineering and inspection. With many different 3D Scanning technologies available, determining which 3D Scanning technologies are best suited for specific applications can be challenging. Learn about the strengths and challenges of the different technologies, as well as the different industries using 3D Scanning.

  • 3D Scanning Technologies
  • Benefits & Challenges
  • Applications & Uses
  • Real World Examples
  • Future of 3D Scanning
  • The event is absolutely FREE. Simply register below to let us know you're coming and to reserve your free 3D nylon part.

    EMS 3D Tech Days Additive Manufacturing
    EMS 3D Tech Days - 3D Scanning