Need to Speed Up Quality Inspection or
Data Capture for Scan to CAD?

Free Consulting Offer

Despite the challenging times, most companies are trying to get products and projects completed and out the door with limited resources, people or equipment. 

Feeling behind schedule or experiencing constrained resources related to inspection measurement and analysis or scan to CAD development for reverse engineering? Whether your measurement issues are capacity, accuracy, part complexity or speed-related, we'd like to offer you a free consulting review - in person or virtual - your choice. There's no hook or strings attached. Simply an offer and investment of our time to understand your needs and challenges to see if we can help you get ahead.

At EMS, we have spent 20 years helping companies solve complex measurement challenges involving the smallest parts to large vehicles, facilities and aircraft. Our expertise includes structured light and laser scanning, probing, laser tracking and photogrammetry, along with inspection analysis, CAD design, and scan-to-CAD development.

Please provide some initial information below and someone will contact you to follow up and set up an in-person or virtual review at a time convenient to you.