Metrology Moves to the Shop Floor with Advanced Optical 3D Scanning

In shop floor metrology, speed and accuracy are critical to meeting reduced cycle time requirements and tighter part tolerance demands.

Moving metrology to the shop floor can improve product quality and help optimize manufacturing efficiency but it requires tools capable of taking 3D measurements in an industrial environment. Historically, traditional CMMs and arm-based measurement tools have not been well-suited for shop floor environments due to sensitivities to vibration and other environment instabilities. MetraSCAN-videoMetraSCAN

Now, advanced optical 3D metrology systems such as Creaform's MetraSCAN and HandyPROBE are able to deliver the portability, speed and accuracy to measure parts rights on the shop floor because they use dynamic referencing to track the measured part and the measuring tool simultaneously.

Curious how your metrology technology measures up to Optical 3D scanning for automotive shop floor metrology? Take a quick look at this MetraSCAN demo.HandyPROBE-video

For more information or to request a demo:
  • Fast, portable arm-free optical scanning system
  • Metrology-grade accuracy & resolution
  • Optimized for use on shop floors
  • Can scan any type of color and material
  • Easy to set up and intuitive operaton
  • Portable CMM designed for shop floor
  • Metrology-grade accuracy and resolution
  • Accurate measurement of parts from 0.7 to 33 feet
  • Parts & system can be moved freely during measurement
  • Easy set up & operation
  • Fastest 3D scanner on the market
  • Metrology-grade accuracy & resolution
  • Dynamic referencing: Accurate in all conditions
  • Small, portable & Lightweight <1 kg
  • User friendly & quick set up <2 min.