3D Scanning & Inspection of Weapons

Reverse engineering and inspection of weapons requires not only high level 3D scanning equipment but expertise as well. Most weapons have very tight tolerances, complex assemblies and numerous small parts. In addition, certain certifications can be required to receive weapons such as handguns and other military weaponry. EMS possesses a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and is ITAR Certified.

In addition, EMS’ facility includes a night time security service, security system, security cameras and a gun safe to store any weapons sent to EMS.

Benefits of 3D scanning for reverse engineering & Inspection of weapons

  • Very accurate method of capturing a complete weapon or individual pieces – up to 15 micron (.015mm /.00059”) accuracy
  • Create CAD models for aftermarket products such as holsters, laser sights and more
  • Modify existing parts after scanning
  • Create Inspection reports for first article or production processes

Weapon Deliverables

  • Polygon models – STL
  • 3D Surface model –IGES, STEP
  • Feature based solid model & assemblies – IGES, STEP, ParaSolid, SolidWorks
  • Hybrid CAD model (surfaces and solids) – IGES, STEP, ParaSolid, SolidWorks
  • Photo realistic renderings
  • Drawings
  • Animations
  • Customized inspection reports to include:
    • Quick “go” or “no go” reports
    • Dimensions & measurements
    • Colormaps indicating tolerance, curvature, deviation & more
    • GD&T & 3D GD&T
    • Sectional views with measurements and deviation
    • Min, max, average & standard deviation
    • Output PDF, PPT, Excel and other formats
  • Email us for existing and new 3D scans

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