Digital Archiving

One of the advantages of 3D scanning is it allows you to capture a moment in time in full 3D digital files. Items such as fossils, buildings, archeological ruins, statues, artifacts, crime and accident scenes and much more can be captured. This information can then be studied and analyzed in many formats. In addition the information can be sent to a 3D Printer to create a replica or scaled model used in court cases, presentations and studies.

Benefits of 3D scanning for Digital Archiving

  • Capture any object, building, scene, artifact and more in high resolution point cloud or polygon models.
  • Safe non-contact method of capturing 3D data
  • 3D Scan very small to very large objects and scenes
  • Capture color or map images onto 3D scan data

Digital Archiving Deliverables

  • Point cloud data – color or non-color – PTS, PTX, XYZ
  • Polygon models – STL, PLY, OBJ, VRML
  • 3D Surface model –IGES, STEP
  • Feature based solid model & assemblies – IGES, STEP, ParaSolid, SolidWorks
  • Hybrid CAD model (surfaces and solids) – IGES, STEP, ParaSolid, SolidWorks
  • Photo realistic renderings
  • Drawings
  • Animations