Inspection & Metrology

There are many methods to measure or inspect an object. They include optical comparators, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s), gauges, fixtures, calipers and more. These technologies work well on prismatic parts but can be a real challenge on complex and/or large shaped parts such as turbine blades, boat hulls, aircraft, power generation equipment complex castings and more.

EMS uses both contact and non-contact methods to inspect objects including blue light 3D scanners, optically tracked probes and laser scanners, Industrial CT Scanners, long range scanners and hand held scanners. The key is using the right equipment and software for each project.

Inspection & Metrology

EMS provides a full line of off- and on-site inspection and metrology services for quality control, first article inspection and MRO. EMS offers a full range of metrology tools and technologies to inspect very small objects to large structures and aircraft including structured light scanners, precision laser scanners, optical CMM probes, laser trackers, CT scanners and photogrammetry. Deliverables can include the raw data or detailed inspection reports and analysis depending on customer need.

Benefits of 3D Scanning for Inspection & Metrology

  • Quickly measure complex parts
  • Capture millions of data points across an entire object
  • 3D scan very small to very large objects
  • Contact and non-contact methods
  • Very high accuracy
  • “Part to part” or “part to CAD” inspection
  • Complete inspection reports including dimensions, GD&T, color maps & more
  • First article to production volumes
  • Report template creation and automated inspection routines

3D Scanning Inspection Deliverables

  • Colormaps indicating tolerance, curvature, deviation & more
  • Sectional views with measurements and deviation
  • Quick “go” or “no go” reports
  • Customized inspection reports to include:
    • Dimensions & measurements
    • GD&T & 3D GD&T
    • Callouts
    • Min, max, average & standard deviation
  • Output reports in PDF, PPT, Excel and other formats

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