Affordable 3D Printers For Home Use

The age of 3D printing has finally arrived where you can print almost anything in your home without any hassle. Previously the 3D printers came with a price tag that was unaffordable to anyone except large businesses. However, companies are now coming up with 3D printers that are cheap and affordable even for home use. The 10 best 3D printers available presently in the market are:

Rapid Prototyping ServicesCube 3D – This printer is specially designed to build plastic objects where it prints one color at a single time and can produce ten different shades. The price of this 3D printing machine is $1,299 and designs for the object can be printed by using the Cube which is available at its dedicated online store.
MakerBot Replicator – The specialty of this 3D printer is that it can print 2 different colors at a single time. The device can be controlled only through the control pad and LCD panel without the use of a computer. The price of the device is $1,749 and the printing format can be loaded into the device by using an SD card.
Solidoodle 2 – This 3D printing machine is one of the most low cost 3D printers available starting out at an extremely affordable price of $499. The device is capable of building six inch cube sized objects where it generally prints 0.3mm thick layers and 0.1mm layers on high resolution parts.
RapMan 3.2 – This is one of the most attractive 3D printers with a steel framed body priced at $1,280. It is capable of building one item out of 1 material at a single time and it does not require a PC to make it work. The device comes with a touch screen interface and it takes about 2-3 days to set up the machine.
UP! Plus – Minimal assembling time is required to set up the device and capable of building 5.5 inches cubed sized objects with details of 0.2mm. The price range of this 3D printing device falls within the range of $1600 – $2000.
Fabbster – Fabbster is capable of printing in different materials and colors. Injection-molded plastic sticks are fed into the device which can be used to mix different materials and colors together. It is a partially assembled 3D printer that takes a few hours to construct fully.
Ultimaker – The price of this 3D printing device is $1,483 and capable of producing more items of different materials and color.
M2 3D printer – The price of the assembled printer is $1,499 and the price of the kit is $1,299. The device is capable of printing off large objects and consists of a stainless steel frame.
iRapid Compact – The price of this device is $1,240 and is quite easy to operate as well as maintain. It can print thin layers of 0.25mm at a rate of 80mm per second.
Orca 0.43 – This home 3D printing device comes at a price of $1,004 and is capable of building objects at a rate of 250mm per second.

With so many 3D printers available at affordable rates, home 3D printing has become a lot more convenient and easy. Now you can print almost anything you wish with the advent of high quality home 3D printers.

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