3D Printing Is As Fast As A Porsche

Here’s another example of the importance of 3D printing. It’s in how these companies used the latest in the technologies to work on one of the most high end sports car brands in the world, Porsche. What? Mess around with my Porsche with a 3D System? Are you crazy? Well once you get a look … Read more

3D Printing And Medical Applications

3D Printing, believe it or not is now used in medical facilities around the world. Its uses are many, but the cost amazing one is the ability to reproduce a working model of a patient’s organs and anomalies that are used as diagnostic tools by doctors.  They can now scan a person’s organs and see … Read more

3D Scanning continues To Amaze

The world of 3D scanning keeps on growing by leaps and bounds. The equipment is getting more compact and easier to use as well as transport. The software is fine tuned to the last fractal. Several companies have demonstrated that they can produce awesome 3D scans using equipment that is even more steps advanced than … Read more

Google To Break Out New 3D Scanning Technology in 2015 – Project Tango

Leave it to Google to introduce a new breakthrough in digital technologies. This time around they’re going to unleash a new 3D scanning tech that allows for people to scan environments and objects using their tablets and smartphones! This technology is called “Project Tango” and Google is said to be done with the experimental phase and … Read more

Sci-Fi Meets The 3D Printing World

Now, this is an example of science fiction meeting the wonders of 3D printing like you’ve never seen. The fans of the real time strategy game aka RTS from the Grey Box company named Grey Goo, has had a life sized replica of their robot character done with 3D printing. The 7 foot tall statue … Read more