Google To Break Out New 3D Scanning Technology in 2015 – Project Tango

 Google To Break Out New 3D Scanning Technology in 2015Leave it to Google to introduce a new breakthrough in digital technologies. This time around they’re going to unleash a new 3D scanning tech that allows for people to scan environments and objects using their tablets and smartphones!

This technology is called “Project Tango” and Google is said to be done with the experimental phase and is now beginning to manufacture devices that use the technology. Basically what it does is scans a room, object and then allows for multiple applications from designing new rooms, decorations, video games, and more. It could also be used to help people with eyesight problems including the blind navigate around.

You could effectively scan objects like your home, car, other big items and plan out how you’ll repair or customize them.

Direct from Google’s ATAP division, the new 3D scanner is now headed for consumer use in later 2015. In addition, there will be developer tools to allow for others to make apps.

This is great news because it not only introduces a great new technology but also is the foundation of what may be an awesome industry. Developers will make great revenue developing new apps, marketers can cash in too. The homeowner or business can take this technology with them to record areas they need to develop or repair. In the field, geologists can map terrain, botanists can map environments, the hard sciences can now examine and record data they can easily assess and manipulate in the lab.

There’s literally no telling what people will do once they get this technology. The possibilities will be endless and that could change the way things are done around the world in numerous venues. Engineers on the job can use the technology to investigate and scan their projects from beginning to end. Astronauts and aerospace engineers can check out new engines and materials. Doctors can use it to scan patients int eh hospital and in the field to better assess how to handle traumas and broken bones. We’re talking about both a diagnostics marvel and developer’s technology that should reach all walks of life.

Overall, this is another gift from Google that is repeatedly on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technologies, today. A breakthrough that should make every walk of life easier as well as provide economic opportunities, which new technologies should do.

Congrats to Google on showing the world they’ve still got their finger on the pulse of new innovations.