EMS 3D Scanning Drives Auto Seat Manufacturing Inspection for Major Supplier

How could EMS help a major Detroit Car Seat Supplier generate pilot manufacturing inspection reports better and faster? That was the challenge posed to EMS by a Michigan automotive seat manufacturer looking for a better scanning and verification process that would allow manufacturing adjustments to be made more quickly during pilot launches. Automotive manufacturers require … Read more

Expanding EMS Metrology Solutions with API Laser Trackers

Expanding EMS Metrology Solutions with API Laser Trackers For some time, customers have been asking us for laser tracking solutions for challenging large part inspections. Since we were already providing similar inspection solutions using high precision 3D scanners and probing systems, we decided to expand our equipment and service offerings to include laser trackers. As … Read more

3D Scanning continues To Amaze

The world of 3D scanning keeps on growing by leaps and bounds. The equipment is getting more compact and easier to use as well as transport. The software is fine tuned to the last fractal. Several companies have demonstrated that they can produce awesome 3D scans using equipment that is even more steps advanced than … Read more