3D Manufacturing Dinosaurs

Marl, a lime rich mud once popular for fertilizer, is found in large amounts in Clayton, New Jersey but though it was mined in the past today it is the fossils preserved in the mud that are of more interest and which were originally discovered quite by accident. Drexel University are just one Paleontology department … Read more

EMS Number One Reseller for Z Scanners and RapidFom in 2011

Engineering & Manufacturing Services, Inc (EMS), has retained its title as the number one reseller of 3D Systems Z Scanner (formally Z Corporation) hand-held 3D Scanners and for 2011 the number one reseller of RapidForm reverse engineering and inspection software. “2011 was a record year for EMS” stated Mark Kemper, President & CEO of EMS, … Read more

Smithsonian museums latest to use 3D printing

History is being lost all of the time, artifacts slowly turning to dust, some have already been studied, others have either never been studied due to being locked away in a museum’s vault somewhere or because they are simply too delicate to examine in detail. Opportunities to understand history better and for more people to … Read more

Steinbichler Releases Comet L3D 5 Megapixel Blue Light 3D Scanner

PRESS RELEASE COMET L3D 5M – The new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition from Steinbichler Optotechnik Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, the worldwide leading supplier of optical measuring and 3D scanning technology presents the new 5 Megapixel Sensor COMET L3D 5M 3D Scanner. “In comparison to the basic model COMET L3D, the “5M” offers improved camera … Read more