EMS 3D Tech Lunch – Tampa – December 3rd 2014

Join EMS at their new, larger Tampa, FL headquarters for a 3D Tech Lunch. EMS will be showing the latest in 3D Printers for rapid prototyping, 3D Scanners for reverse engineering & inspection and next generation CAD software for designing products faster than ever. All products will be demonstrated live and you can come anytime … Read more

Project Blue Sky lets people get close to 3D printing

3D printing is we are being told going to change the way we live but relatively few people realize the technology exists or at least don’t know how far it has developed unless they are involved in related industries. Those people visiting the Burning Man festival in Nevada this year though will get a prime … Read more

The arrival of Print on Demand, for 3D printing

Those futurists and 3D printing enthusiasts that have commented on the future of 3D printing have often said that there are two things holding the technology back: one is cost that is constantly coming down already. The other thing is developing an affordable 3D printing service that can print in different materials so that completed … Read more

3D Printing End Products: a Reality Yet?

3D printing owes its existence to rapid prototyping and is now an established and essential part of that industry 3D printing though is now expected to move on and become a revolutionary technology for the manufacturing industry with many comparing it to the first use of printing presses in terms of the impact it could … Read more

3D Printing Could Hand Advantage Back to US and Europe

China are catching up with the US and Europe in terms of technical innovation but are still some way behind, what has given them the advantage over the previous few decades that has seen many manufacturing industries close in the US and Europe and move to China is the amount of cheap labor they have … Read more