3D Printshow 2012 unlikely to be the last

3D printing is great on its own, anything you can imagine if you have the CAD skills you may print, up to a certain size in certain materials that is. With a 3D scanner though 3D printing services becomes even more exciting and in fact much more like a replicator, which sci-fi fans will certainly … Read more

3D Printing Service Could Help Solve Space Supply Problems

Any idea how many parts go into the International Space Station? Well it’s a lot and keeping all but the most vital parts in stock on board is not an option. If something goes wrong on board the International Space Station, which isn’t unknown, then it is a matter of waiting for freight craft to … Read more

3D Printing Service Prints Legs to Order

3D printing services are going to be used for all sorts of things, so we are being told, I’m sure this is true but it seems that people are struggling to come up with that many uses for 3D Printing services outside of rapid prototyping and creating a few cool pieces of artwork. There are … Read more

Has 3D printing more potential to create or destroy jobs?

Those working in traditional rapid prototyping services jobs almost certainly think 3D printing is a technology that actually destroys job but it seems that at the same time it is likely to create jobs elsewhere and create whole new businesses as well as empowering freelancers and one person businesses. As for those with skills for … Read more

Rapid Prototyping Companies have a bright future ahead in the 3D Printing Industry

Right off the need for rapid prototyping companies may not be obvious, or you may think that 3D printing services are limited to only a few applications but there are a lot of uses for 3D printing and 3D scanning technology. Believe it or not 3D printing is starting to make in-roads on traditional manufacturing techniques, … Read more