3D Printing Is As Fast As A Porsche

Here’s another example of the importance of 3D printing. It’s in how these companies used the latest in the technologies to work on one of the most high end sports car brands in the world, Porsche. What? Mess around with my Porsche with a 3D System? Are you crazy? Well once you get a look … Read more

Sci-Fi Meets The 3D Printing World

Now, this is an example of science fiction meeting the wonders of 3D printing like you’ve never seen. The fans of the real time strategy game aka RTS from the Grey Box company named Grey Goo, has had a life sized replica of their robot character done with 3D printing. The 7 foot tall statue … Read more

3D Systems Continues To Make Big Strides In The 3D Printing World

You can never underestimate the skill and expansion of the company 3D Systems. The company has made more major strides into the industry with both acquisitions and development of far more efficient and powerful at-home 3D printers. Recently the company acquired a UK based 3D printer company called botObjects and is going to release a … Read more

3D Systems Is A Game Changer In Veterinary Dog Rescue

People love their pets and spend top dollar to treat them. In this case, 3D Systems, the biggest innovator in 3D printing has proven themselves by creating 3D printed prosthesics for animals, in this case a dog with two malformed front paws. The dog in question is named Derby. It was born suffering from a … Read more

3D Systems Shows Off Its Skills At Trade Show

The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was the platform for world renown 3D printing company 3D Systems who showed the value of using these new technologies for everyday use. 3D Systems took the entire show by the horns and showed their top of the line products for the home consumer. These new … Read more