3D Systems Continues To Make Big Strides In The 3D Printing World

CubeProC-3DSystemsYou can never underestimate the skill and expansion of the company 3D Systems.

The company has made more major strides into the industry with both acquisitions and development of far more efficient and powerful at-home 3D printers. Recently the company acquired a UK based 3D printer company called botObjects and is going to release a new desktop 3D printer. It’s called the CubePro C and is a full color 3D printer that uses the botObjects technology.

It’s clear to see that botObjects had something of great value or 3D Systems wouldn’t have gone for them. Whatever it is or was, 3D Systems is now going for broke with a new desktop printer that should retail below $5k.

Boasting about the new CubePro C, 3D Systems says the device will print down to 25 microns layers at deposition speeds upwards of 175mm per second and using durable PLA and ABS print materials with PVA support material. For the 3D printing industry, this is a bold statement and is almost like something out of a Star Trek television show.

Production of the CubePro C will be limited as the company has to increase manufacturing. By the end of 2015 the device should be readily available but in the meantime, it will be available in limited release. Anyone fast enough or lucky enough to get one will be the talk of the neighborhood for sure. Full color, 3D printing at fast speeds and with exquisite resolution and fits on your desk or counter top? 3D Systems will have to fight them off with a stick.

If you think the CubePro C will have 3D Systems fighting customers off with a stick as just mentioned, wait until you see the CocoJet, a 3D printer that prints out chocolate products!

One can see that 3D Systems is really ahead of the pack regarding the 3D printing industry and every month it seems they come up with a new technology or application thereof that really sends the industry reeling in astonishment. Consumers are often aghast at the barrage of news that comes along and they marvel at the latest innovations.

3D printer technology is advancing so fast that many can’t keep up with it. 3D Systems realizes this but doesn’t rush things as they are meticulous in their design and engineering as well as marketing. They know the public needs a convenient and cost effective 3D printer and they’re coming out with just that. Faster, better resolution, alternate materials, soon people will be manufacturing a great deal of their daily objects with these systems and you can bet 3D Systems will be the leader.

Yes, you can use a 3D printer to make your own chocolate flavored goodies. Sounds like one of those toys from the 1960s!

Image credit: 3D Systems