3D Printing And The Modern Home

As 3D printing becomes more affordable and popular, we’ll soon see these miracle machines in every home and utilized for everyday use like never before.

It’s truly an age of astonishment the way the new 3D printing devices perform and as the engineers and designers keep at improving them night and day, no home will be the same without them.

Today’s 3D printers have expanded their capabilities from one end of the spectrum to the other. Now you can get printers that fit on the kitchen counter no bigger than a mini microwave unit. They’re attractive looking and easy to operate. Making the printers user friendly is of most importance. No one wants a component that takes a rocket scientist to operate. Streamlined and ready to use almost right out of the box, these new home sized printers allow for people to print objects from play jewelry to food. Yes, food!

What’s sure to be a major sales thrust is the ability for these printers to make chocolate items like the new ones from 3D Systems. As soon as word came out that the popular 3D Systems device could print chocolate foods, people started showing up in droves to get one. Other food items are being made and it’s sure more to come. Even meat can be made from this technology but certain bugs are being worked out right now to make sure the final produce are safe and effective. With this type of technology for home or office use it has implications that can save tons of money and time.

For instance, if one needs a spare part right away, one can download a computer software template of the object and print it right there. No more waiting days or weeks for a part to arrive via the mail or traipsing off to the store in inclement weather. Now, with a push of a keystroke and using the right printing materials from polymers to even metal, one can manufacture what one needs on the spot.

The home devices aren’t big and in most cases for the under $1,000 price tag, the biggest items are 6”x6”x6”. For bigger objects one would print them in sections and then bond them together. The materials are not that expensive unless you’re going for precious metals so manufacturing your own metal objects is far cheaper. Just a few choice items and the at home 3D printed objects pays for the unit itself.

Whether in the kitchen or the workshop, these smaller units can be even operated by a child. What’s good is that there are growing libraries of objects that one can download or file share. Toys, tools, and other items can easily be had and printed in two colors and with more expensive models, in multiple colors but the cartridges are a bit more expensive and more maintenance is required.

The 3D printer companies are eager to see what the public has to say and that means as more input comes in they’ll know more about how to cater to people’s needs and wants.