3D Systems Shows Off Its Skills At Trade Show

3D Systems Shows Off Its Skills At Trade ShowThe 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was the platform for world renown 3D printing company 3D Systems who showed the value of using these new technologies for everyday use.

3D Systems took the entire show by the horns and showed their top of the line products for the home consumer. These new devices are astounding to say the least and most are affordable as well as innovative. One printer actually produces food via 3D printing. Making everything from tools to apparel and other accessories. This allows for people at home to make their things instead of having to go to stores or shop online.

The use of pre-made templates for everyday items as well as specialized objects means that people can literally just go to a 3D printing software site, download templates and print away.

The 3D Systems display at the show is a first for the show itself. Dedicated to 3D printing, the venue enlightened the public and press to what is going on with the industry and astounding would be an understatement.

3D Systems has popular musician and actor of sorts, Will.I.Am of the group, Blackeyed Peas, as their Chief Creative Officer. Will.I.Am has made headlines with his development and presentation of a 3D printing system that uses old soda bottles for recycling and used as raw material for the 3D printers. 3D Systems now boasts that they can print everything fro “chocolate to titanium” and that means the sky’s the limit for future products.

The list of new products goes like this:

The Cube 3D Printer: It costs less than $1,000 for at-home use. Hi resolution printing, WiFi and Bluetooth, dual color cartridge system, faster speeds and more.

EKOCYCL Cube 3D Printer: It’s the system mentioned earlier that uses recycled soda bottles, developed and presented by Will.I.Am.

CubePro 3D Printers: Around $5,000 this system is high tech, pro-level 3D printing technology. It’s got single,double, and triple print heads for that 3 color job.

ChefJet Printer: is the aforementioned type of printer that can literally make food. Basically candies and such. This device will be on the market in the second half of 2015. This item is going to be super popular with the chocolate industry. Expect to see families vie for this as well as restaurants and bistros looking for that unique touch to bring in customers.

3D Scanners with wireless physical photography: The iSense 3D Scanner is in the spotlight here for such devices as iPad. The Sense handheld scanner ties in with iSense and can cover an object ranging fro six inches on up to 10 feet. Photorealistic digital copies of objects. This device is going to be a major hit. It’s just what the company and at-home person needs to make copies for practical use and fun.

Image credit: cubify.com