3D Printing Made Easier Thanks To 3D Systems

3D Printing Made Easier Thanks To 3D Systems
What would you say if you could have your own 3D printing system at home and it being so compact that it wasn’t bigger than a coffee maker?

Well hold on because 3D Systems, the forerunner in 3D printing technology in the world has just released their latest device, a system called, Cube 3.

Cube 3 is an awesome piece of technology that is stat of the art in 3D printing. Not only that but it’s engineered and designed for the small market that makes it easy to use and affordable. 3D Systems spent a lot of time and effort to develop the Cube 3 and it’s a good bet you’ll see this baby on the desks of small businesses and art studios, and homes very soon.

Easy? Yes, the Cube 3 is so easy that anyone who can send email or chat on Facebook can easily operate this system. Basically, it works like you would operate any external device, even use WiFi! After scanning an object you want to make a 3D print of, you just tell the printer to print and voila! It’s done. There are also templates of numerous objects around the world online from parts to mechanical devices, costume jewelry, figurines, toys, cosmetic tools, work tools, and who knows what else. Every day people and companies are uploading scanned objects that people can use for free or buy a license for. No more going to the hardware stores and so on or waiting forever for that missing part to the fridge, car, or computer, now you can print it out right on your own desk or counter top.

Generally, this device is foolproof but it does take some know-how to get things fine tuned. As mentioned earlier, there are are templates you can use to make objects and that calls for tweaking the software so that things are aligned just right. It prints in two colors for now and may go further but the cartridges are proprietary based so they’ll coast a bit more than the average generic brand. Once you get the hang of printing however it’s all smooth grooving from there on. Even kids can operate it with ease.

The various templates of common and uncommon objects that are available go from one end of the spectrum to the other. The biggest size this 3D printer can handle is 6”x6”x6”. Now, if you want to print bigger objects, say model kits or figurines for decoration, then you can print them in sections and glue or fasten them together. Many if not most templates of the larger objects come with this already or you’ll need to use the software that comes with the system to achieve this.

Overall, this aesthetically pleasing and easy to use 3D printer is bound to make the list of birthday wants and more. As the 3D printing systems become more fine tuned their everyday use will expand and become more easier to use as well as affordable. The Cube 3 isn’t the cheapest but it sure is top of the line and does everything a top 3D printer can do.

Image credit: 3D Systems