3D systems launch user-friendly Projet 3500 series

The Projet 3D printers are a successful range of 3D printers from 3D systems using a print head to print fine detail and building up layers, cured using UV light. The latest in this range are the Projet 3500 series printers recently launched by 3D systems. These are ideal for both prototyping and 3D printing … Read more

3D systems continue acquisition spree with My Robot Nation

3D Systems seem to have a insatiable appetite for taking over any one with technology they want recently and that has included ZCorp recently in order to get hold of their successful ZPrinter business and the technology the full color printers are based on as well as their customer base: mainly rapid prototyping companies and … Read more

Personalized action figures only a glimpse of 3D printing potential

If you ever thought it would be great to be a move star just so you could have your own action figure then you are in luck, no Hollywood isn’t offering you a contract to be the next James Bond but you can get a personalized action figure made using a 3D printing service. Online … Read more

3D Systems open new showcase Innovation Center

It’s a lot more than just a showroom for 3D Systems’ huge range of 3D printers; 3D Systems corporation have opened a new innovation center at their headquarters to showcase 3D printing as a whole with the focus not on what any of their specific machines can do but on what 3D printing can achieve … Read more

3D systems enter Heineken’s innovation challenge

The Heineken Innovation challenge is a $10,000 competition to find solutions for sustainable packaging and distribution solutions, although the true prize of a really great solution which can be patented could be much more if you could create the next ‘Tetrapak’. The Heineken Innovation challenge is suitably cutting edge and uses a lot of technology … Read more