EuroMold 2013: Product Highlights in 3D printing Technology

3d printing and 3d scanning technology at EuroMold 2013

Euromold 2013 saw four days of product reveals and technology displays. Now that it has come to a close, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the 3D printing industry. 3D Systems revealed a number of products, such as the Sense Consumer Scanner and the ProX 950. All of these products are slated to change the direction of the industry throughout 2014 and beyond.

Here are some of the products that were revealed:

  • Sense Consumer Scanner – The Sense Consumer Scanner gives photography a different edge, allowing individuals to savor every dimension of their wedding photos, graduation day, or the arrival of a new baby. Once scanned, the image can be converted into a three-dimensional image.
  • ProX 950 This is a production 3D printer that comes with a great deal of accuracy and completes more projects faster than the standard printer. It uses PolyRay print head technology, manufacturing real parts at 10 times the speed of competitor printers.
  • ProX 300 After 10 years of research and development, the end result is metal 3D printing, which is what the ProX 300 does. Setup times are short, print speeds are fast, and the parts are very dense. It has the ability to produce very complex parts and assemblies.

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3D Systems and Lotus F1 Team Up for Mass Production Project

2012 Formula One Barcelona Test Day ThreeRace car enthusiasts ought to get a kick out of the latest news from 3D Systems and the Lotus F1 team. They have partnered up to use 3D printing to create parts for Formula 1 cars, in an effort to streamline aerodynamics and improve production efficiency.

Everything they do is an effort to improve vehicle performance. This is why the Lotus F1 team sought out 3D Systems tech. According to their Head of Aerodynamics, Dirk de Beer, the machine allowed them to create prototypes on the spot that fit the vehicles. While they started out with rapid prototyping, they quickly moved on to wind tunnel model manufacturing. This created new jobs as well, expanding the Aero Department’s team from 11 to 80 employees. By creating prototypes and testing them, the team can make changes and develop new ideas to further progression. The more ideas they can actively test, the better their chances are of succeeding come race time.

The 3D printing tech is actually used in some pretty novel ways. After applying pressure sensors to the car model in the wind tunnel manually, researchers can now place sensors within complex, intricate, and tiny structures that they couldn’t have otherwise gained access to. Everyone in the field of aerodynamics has reason to celebrate because it revolutionizes just what is possible.

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3D Systems Announces New Plastic Injection Molding Material for 3D Printing

Visijet-3D-printing-3DSystemsIf you’re interested in 3D printing (which is, we assume, why you’re here), you’ll be pleased to hear that 3D Systems just announced some new technology that’s certain to make waves in this industry. In fact, they’ve made a new injection molding material available that’s made from plastic. They’re calling it VisiJet M3 Black and it’s designed to be used with their Projet 3D printers.

The idea here was to create a material that could be used for products that require a greater amount of durability and strength. This is actually the strongest Projet material available to date, which is really quite something in terms of innovation and expansion within this field.

One of the biggest problems with 3D printing technology as a whole thus far is that the end products are often rather flimsy. They are made from a thin plastic that is great for models. However, this creates a situation that’s much more suitable for looking but not actually using, if that makes sense.

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3D Printer Service Wins Breakthrough Award

If you’ve always been interested in the idea of 3D printing and were wondering how to get involved, a new device is going to make that possible for you in a much easier way than ever before. A device called 3D systems Cube recently won an award given by Popular Mechanics called the 2012 Breakthrough … Read more

3D systems announce 2012 second quarter results

3D systems are just one 3D printing company whose results show just how fast the technology is growing. The 2nd Quarter results for 3D Systems showed a massive 53{ed34752d3d9237811f2899a265685e36705e4e86722207f201c96dd1cfc4a167} increase over the same period for 2012 for revenues now up to $83.6 million for the 3D printing equipment manufacturer. Second quarter gross profits grew even … Read more