3D systems announce 2012 second quarter results

3D Systems3D systems are just one 3D printing company whose results show just how fast the technology is growing. The 2nd Quarter results for 3D Systems showed a massive 53{ed34752d3d9237811f2899a265685e36705e4e86722207f201c96dd1cfc4a167} increase over the same period for 2012 for revenues now up to $83.6 million for the 3D printing equipment manufacturer.

Second quarter gross profits grew even faster with a 71{ed34752d3d9237811f2899a265685e36705e4e86722207f201c96dd1cfc4a167} increase on second quarter 2011 with both printer sales, printing material sales and on demand parts manufacturing all contributing to growth that comes despite an increase of 1.9 million on R & D compared to last year as 3D systems continue to pull out a lead as the market leader for 3D printers and the company with some of the best and most innovative technology.

2012 has seen the launch of The Cube to compete with Makerbot’s Replicator, both entry level printers that are affordable enough to be bought by either individuals or small start up businesses. This has only recently gone on sales however and won’t yet have had much of an affect on 3D Systems’ results yet. However The Cube, despite being released late in the quarter, has already according to 3D systems exceeded expectations in terms of orders and capacity has been increased to keep up with demand.

At the other end of the scale form the sub $2000 cube is the $1 million Sinterstaion Pro that prints in metals, the availability of viable printers though that can print in metal or other more useful materials can only boost 3D systems success further, though getting the price down while keeping a good margin is where the potential really is.

3D systems adjusted earnings per share were reported as 27 cents for the second quarter. The company will it seems carry on investing as well though generating $21.4 million in cash during the first six months of this year they now have some $158.5 million cash available. This cash may be used for further acquisitions, the purchase of ZSystems in 2011 proved popular with investors and has shown good results so far with high demand for the Zprinters offering, which can do 3D printing in full color.

Overall 3D printer sales were double in the second quarter of 2012 what they were in the second quarter of 2011 and sales of print materials grew even faster with a 60{ed34752d3d9237811f2899a265685e36705e4e86722207f201c96dd1cfc4a167} increase suggesting that not only are more printers being sold but companies are using them more as well, while some observers have complained that 3D printing remains a technology solution in need of a problem.

3D printing is certainly taking off and becoming something used for more than building prototypes, 3D printing is starting to transform manufacturing and 3D systems are the company in the best position to take advantage of the demand for 3D printing as well as being the main force pushing the technology forwards to make it cheaper and more effective across a wider range of applications, which will eventually include long runs and replace large amounts of traditional manufacturing.

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