EuroMold 2013: Product Highlights in 3D printing Technology

3d printing and 3d scanning technology at EuroMold 2013

Euromold 2013 saw four days of product reveals and technology displays. Now that it has come to a close, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the 3D printing industry. 3D Systems revealed a number of products, such as the Sense Consumer Scanner and the ProX 950. All of these products are slated to change the direction of the industry throughout 2014 and beyond.

Here are some of the products that were revealed:

  • Sense Consumer Scanner – The Sense Consumer Scanner gives photography a different edge, allowing individuals to savor every dimension of their wedding photos, graduation day, or the arrival of a new baby. Once scanned, the image can be converted into a three-dimensional image.
  • ProX 950 This is a production 3D printer that comes with a great deal of accuracy and completes more projects faster than the standard printer. It uses PolyRay print head technology, manufacturing real parts at 10 times the speed of competitor printers.
  • ProX 300 After 10 years of research and development, the end result is metal 3D printing, which is what the ProX 300 does. Setup times are short, print speeds are fast, and the parts are very dense. It has the ability to produce very complex parts and assemblies.

In addition to the ProX 950 and the ProX 300 printers, 3D Systems unveiled four other printers. They include the Project 1200, ProX 500, ProX 100, and the ProX 200.

In addition to the excitement for these products by the technological world, products unveiled by 3D Systems at EuroMold 2013 are getting the attention of investors. The ProX 100, 200, and 300 are actually rebranded Phenix printers and that doesn’t have investors down at all. 3D Systems purchased Phenix early in 2013, which was a major move by the company. These rebranded versions have actually proven to be valuable additions to the product lineup.

Furthermore, 3D Systems has established a partnership with Google on Project Ara, which involves the development of multi-material 3d printing that could be used in the creation of a customizable mobile phone.

All in all, the release of these latest printers and the line of Sense and Capture scanners are getting a lot of attention. Some call this the “End of the Made-in-China Era” because the 3D printing industry is one that is not centered in China like some of the other established and upcoming technologies. This is something completely different.

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