3D Printer Service Wins Breakthrough Award

If you’ve always been interested in the idea of 3D printing and were wondering how to get involved, a new device is going to make that possible for you in a much easier way than ever before. A device called 3D systems Cube recently won an award given by Popular Mechanics called the 2012 Breakthrough Award.

The breakthrough award is given for innovations in a variety of fields including technology. The award ceremony was held in New York City on October 4 and more details about the winners will be in the November issue of Popular Mechanics.

A consumer-based 3D printer service is truly extraordinary, which is probably why it won. Having 3D printers available at home is sure to change things quite a bit, especially since it is a plug-in print device.

The features on this thing are rather impressive and are well-suited to the consumer market. Unlike larger printers, the Cube is designed with the consumer in mind so it’s easy to use and has simple functions. It has a touchscreen that’s reminiscent of most tablets and is very small so it will fit in your home easily. It weighs less than 9 pounds so it’s portable and it comes with an EZ load cartridge which will work for hours. This 3D printing service prints in full-color and comes with 50 items that you can print on the spot. It also comes with a membership to Cubify.com, a website for people making 3D objects.

The owners of the company are extremely proud about winning this award, as it will bring more attention to their 3D printer service and make it possible for people to obtain it. Popular Mechanics is a well-known publication with years of reputation and credibility in naming the next big thing in a variety of fields. This award has been in existence for eight years and continues to highlight innovation across technology, science, medicine, vehicles, space, and more.

Because of its prestige, this award means a lot to those who win it and it really sets those who have done something unique in the field apart. And when you think about it, having a 3D printer service that you can use at home is bound to change things. As technology moves ever forward, being able to print 3D objects at home should make for even greater innovation on an individual level. It’s an exciting time.

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