3D Printing Gives Ontario High School Students a Design Edge

High school design students are always trying to get a leg up on their work. A new technology may just give them that edge. Students at Ontario High School recently utilized 3D printing to complete their projects to excellent effect.

There are 500 students at the school in Mansfield, Ohio, who were tasked with creating designs using the most current technology. Specifically, they were asked to use the Z Corp. Spectrum Z 510 Color 3D Printer to complete a variety of tasks. This technology will hopefully give these students the edge they need to achieve greatness as they move onto the world of higher education.

As the students used the 3D printing tech, they were able to function as though they were in the real world, outside of the school environment. How is this possible, you may be wondering? Simple. Instead of dealing with solely hypotheticals, the students were able to take a project from start to finish, from beginning to end. They didn’t just merely design objects, they were able to create them, on the spot, and get a full idea of how their prototypes worked.

Another great thing about this project was that this gave the students an advantage over others in that their applications to colleges would stand out and they’d be more likely to be hired by employers. Instead of just designing things on their computers, they were able to see the fruits of their labor.

This project was especially beneficial to those in fields like computer graphics, architecture, and mechanical design. It allowed the students to create physical models very quickly, during class, for demonstrations in 3D. The convenience here was unparalleled.

Another benefit is the students were able to understand a variety of public projects including the school district bus garage. Plus, the project gave students experience in working with businesses as the 3D printing technology is used directly in creating prototypes for the auto industry and a variety of suppliers in that field.

The multi-faceted benefits of this kind of printing and of the Z Corp. printer gave the students an experience they won’t soon forget. It offered them a chance to get a hands-on experience with real world technologies and to understand what it’s like to work in a career-based setting. Experiences like that don’t come around every day and are certain to make a difference in these students’ lives.

Pictures Credit: www.zcorp.com

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