3D Scanning Used to Build Custom Choppers

Building custom choppers is an involved process. Depending on the shape of the bike, it can take a long time to develop the design by hand. War Eagle customs recently built a new frame called the Classic Pro-Smooth. It took a long time to create but once it was done they needed to create a seat that would fit on this new frame. They also needed to create a record of mounting holes and the tank to make engine installation easier later on. Instead of documenting this information by hand, they utilized 3D scanning.

Since the company didn’t have the equipment on hand to accomplish this, they hired EMS. EMS traveled to War Eagle’s shop and scanned in the frame using their Z Scanner Z800. This made it easy to capture the information needed quickly and efficiently. The scanner is highly portable, making the process even simpler for capturing hard to reach areas.

A lot of people think about 3D printing hardly ever scanning. The scanning process is essential for capturing data from three-dimensional objects. EMS was able to create a high-resolution model that War Eagle could use to create a new seat for the frame. Everything fit together seamlessly and looked as if it had all been created at the exact same time. After the scan was complete, EMS used RapidForm software to convert the information into a model. This is much smoother and nicer to look at than a traditional polygonal scan.

3D Printing Custom Choppers3D Printing Custom hoppers

3D Scanning Custom hoppers

Most people have heard of 3D printing, but they might not of heard of scanning. And that’s a shame because both of these technologies will be essential in the future for documenting and creating items. Instead of relying on traditional fabrication methods, these new technologies make it easy to develop and create products in significantly less time than it used to take. War Eagle was very happy with the outcome of the scan because it made finishing their new chopper easier. If they haven’t hired EMS, they would’ve had to make all of this by hand, which after building the frame in that way they just didn’t have time for. They wound up with the results they wanted in less than half the time. That’s definitely a success in this day and age when speed of development is essential to success. Now, the future can show us what these technologies will be used to render.

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