3D Systems open new showcase Innovation Center

It’s a lot more than just a showroom for 3D Systems’ huge range of 3D printers; 3D Systems corporation have opened a new innovation center at their headquarters to showcase 3D printing as a whole with the focus not on what any of their specific machines can do but on what 3D printing can achieve … Read more

Filton based Engineers use BBC to showcase 3D Printing’s potential

You probably wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that the aviation industry use the latest rapid prototyping service machinery in their designing, however what this means to people unconnected with the aviation or other related industries is very limited. Rapid prototyping services of any type mean very little to most people and 3D printing … Read more

3D Printing Service Transforming Promotional Items Sector

Promotional items are a huge market, the more you buy the cheaper they get of course and so for small businesses often buying promotional items just isn’t practical at the costs they are being quoted. Even with the likes of pens and mugs you really need to order at least a 100 or each with … Read more

Utilizing 3D Printing Services in the Future

Science Fiction fans often feel that they have been promised a lot and little has been delivered with teleportation, flying cars, robots to clean the house and decent tasting microwave meals all long past due according to sci-fi films and TV programs of the 50’s and 60’s. People may be interested to know then that … Read more

Vienna University of Technology announce the world’s smallest (and probably cheapest) 3D printer.

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) announcement on their website about their great research into miniature 3D Printers is also great news for TMS’s industry and clients. 3D printers have always had far more potential for use in small businesses and people’s homes than in larger companies including manufacturers. Most manufacturers and designers if … Read more