Z Printers used in university research speed up the job of saving lives

Increasingly the 3D printers used in rapid prototyping services are saving money for companies, soon though they could be saving lives. Z Corporation Z Printers are being used for rapid prototyping services within University of California at Berkeley to develop the latest Magnetic Particle Imaging Scanners. The clearer the image of a patient’s body is … Read more

Z Corporation set to draw manufacturers in to see Z Printer at TCT Live

  It only makes sense that as the leading producer of 3D printing technology used extensively for rapid prototyping services Z Corporation should be at the TCT Live show Europe’s trade show for additive manufacturing and product development. Many other companies may wish Z corporation weren’t there as the will be showing off their technology … Read more

MIT continue to lead the way in 3D printing technology

If people’s predictions for the spread and uptake of 3D printing turn out to be right so that 3D printers become as common place as 2D printers in the home and businesses and almost completely replace tooling machines then the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be looked on as the power behind it. MIT have … Read more

3D Printing Service Transforming Promotional Items Sector

Promotional items are a huge market, the more you buy the cheaper they get of course and so for small businesses often buying promotional items just isn’t practical at the costs they are being quoted. Even with the likes of pens and mugs you really need to order at least a 100 or each with … Read more

Utilizing 3D Printing Services in the Future

Science Fiction fans often feel that they have been promised a lot and little has been delivered with teleportation, flying cars, robots to clean the house and decent tasting microwave meals all long past due according to sci-fi films and TV programs of the 50’s and 60’s. People may be interested to know then that … Read more