Z Corporation set to draw manufacturers in to see Z Printer at TCT Live


Rapid Prototyping Services | 3D Printing Services by ZCorp
Picture Credit: Z Corporation

It only makes sense that as the leading producer of 3D printing technology used extensively for rapid prototyping services Z Corporation should be at the TCT Live show Europe’s trade show for additive manufacturing and product development. Many other companies may wish Z corporation weren’t there as the will be showing off their technology and its uses that supersedes many other rapid prototyping services that other exhibitors specialize in. The Event in Birmingham in England’s West Midlands will bring visitors and exhibitors from the UK, Europe and further a field. Many will be keen not to miss out on the presentations Z Corporation will be making with its Z Printers. The Z Printers use a type of additive technology and takes the technology to a fantastic level where the process of printing either a prototype within a rapid prototyping setting, or a inched product is automated and not only that but simple and fast. Manufacturers flocking to the TCT live event and going to see Z Corporations displays may well be looking for what Z Printers can do for them, this very much includes how they can help them get products to market quicker. If you have  unique ideas being first to market is all important, often an idea won’t be unique but will be a new way of using the latest technology, other people of course may have had the same idea and so being the first to market has a great advantage including being able to use PR and forever being associated with a product. Of course if you are a little behind and your competitor has bought out a new product or a new feature then getting to market as quickly as possible before they become too firmly established is what is important. Z Printers for rapid prototyping services mean that prototypes can be made in hours not days or weeks and prototypes can be far more like the finished product  than in the past meaning that testing and testing the product on consumers will be much more effective. Rapid prototyping also can allow for variations to be compared to get the best option based on feedback from a test audience. With the Z Printer small tweaks including tweaks to color, texture and ergonomics can be done easily with a CAD file and then sent to print so you don’t have to completely redesign the prototype.

TCT Live is set to show visitors from manufacturers and other related industries just how versatile the  Z printers are with what they can create including full color items and items with working and moving parts printed in one go. Another important factor though will be how easy the Z Printers are to use and the process of using them will be part of the presentation as well. Of course any rapid prototype modelers attending may try and keep this quite, the ease of use of a Z Printer means that the designer can send a design directly to print from their 3D CAD software cutting out the need for model makers entirely.


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