3D Printing Made Easier Thanks To 3D Systems

What would you say if you could have your own 3D printing system at home and it being so compact that it wasn’t bigger than a coffee maker? Well hold on because 3D Systems, the forerunner in 3D printing technology in the world has just released their latest device, a system called, Cube 3. Cube … Read more

EMS 3D Tech Lunch – Tampa – December 3rd 2014

Join EMS at their new, larger Tampa, FL headquarters for a 3D Tech Lunch. EMS will be showing the latest in 3D Printers for rapid prototyping, 3D Scanners for reverse engineering & inspection and next generation CAD software for designing products faster than ever. All products will be demonstrated live and you can come anytime … Read more

Own Your Own 3D NCAA Sports Stadium

Get ready for sports fans to flip their lids. A hot new product is on the market and it’s a 3D printed scale model of your favorite sports stadium! Yes, the 3D printing service Zverse has been using 3D Systems Projet 660Pro to make exact scale color models of the NCAA stadiums! These replicas are … Read more

Making Cool Koozies With 3D Printing

Just about everyone has used a koozie at one point or another.  One fits their drink inside and it stays cool.  Improving on this simple concept, EMS and 3D Coolie came up with a way to use 3D printing to create prototypes like never before. The challenge was making prototypes that featured the colors and … Read more

Very Cool Models Of Historic Windmills Created Via 3D Printing

Modelers are always looking for the newest thing in their hobby. Scale modeling is still a worldwide phenomenon that is of such interest there are actual museums dedicated to it. The AWPC is one of them. A museum, the largest , dedicated to windmills. Now, 3D printing has come into play to add to this … Read more