3D Scanning Helps Military MRAP Vehicles

The continued versatility and use of 3D scanning has been embraced by the U.S. Military and is accelerating and there’s no end in sight to the value of this new technology. In this case, it’s the MRAP vehicle designed to withstand IDE and other explosive devices. Since deploying the MRAP vehicles to protect soldiers, the … Read more

Recycled Bottles like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

The entire recycling movement is one that is whole-heartedly trying to better the world, but most people overlook the fact that recycling is incredibly crucial when it comes to the preservation of our environment. Reusing materials (especially plastic) not only cuts down on the manufacturing costs associated with the product, but it also cuts down … Read more

3D Printing Rescues Powerade At The World Cup

3D printing continues to show how popular it is regardinc commerical products, displays, and promotions.  This year the amazing global phenomena of the World Cup soccer tournament features a product that is a keynote work of 3D printing and the popular sports drink Powerade. Powerade is consumed by the millions of gallons daily by the … Read more

Using 3D Printing For Advanced Surface Scans

3D printing has taken on some awesome forms of approaches to aiding engineers and creative to apply innovative techniques.  One such of note is software that helps to simulate surface materials and in this case, cars. Using proprietary software, this technique utilizes a scanning technology that covers the surface of a car and then allows … Read more

3D Printing Takes On The World Of Dentistry

Like something out of the television Star Trek, the phenomenon of 3D printing never ceases to amaze the public and industry as a whole. That being said it was inevitable that the value of this technology would hit the medical end with a  bang.  Dentistry is where it’s being used as well and the results … Read more