3D Printing Rescues Powerade At The World Cup

3D printing continues to show how popular it is regardinc commerical products, displays, and promotions.  This year the amazing global phenomena of the World Cup soccer tournament features a product that is a keynote work of 3D printing and the popular sports drink Powerade.

Powerade is consumed by the millions of gallons daily by the public and athletes around the world.  For the World Cup, the Powerade company needed a spiffy looking holder for their product that would not only keep the drink cool but catch the eye of the fans and consumers.  This was done successfully by a great deal of design and coordination, computer programming and digital wizardry and finally the use of 3D printing and expert manufacturing.

It was in February of 2014 APP or the American Precision Prototyping company had to muster up to the task of creating 150 urethane bottle carriers for the Powerade company for the FIFA World Cup this year.  Of course using the latest software in combination with the team’s engineering and artistic skills saved the day with time left over.  They seamlessly combined the ergo design of both the UEFA European 2012 carrier and the carrier from the U.S. Tournament.  It was a challenge but of course they pulled it off without a hitch.

This wasn’t just a task of scanning some objects into the computer and then mixing and 3d-printing-powerade-worldcup14-3dsystems_1matching things so that something cool would emerge, this was a technical and artistic task that called for new levels of expertise and innovation.  The team had to not only use the established software and techniques but had to come up with some approaches that were outside the box.  Doing this called for sharp eyes and steady hands.

The result is an industry bar raising product that has been seen by billions of people worldwide during the famous games.  The television commercials, smartphone pictures of just 150 of these items has reached every corner of the Earth and made the Powerade brand name stand out even more.