3D Printing Takes On The World Of Dentistry

3D Printing Takes On The World Of Dentistry

Like something out of the television Star Trek, the phenomenon of 3D printing never ceases to amaze the public and industry as a whole.

That being said it was inevitable that the value of this technology would hit the medical end with a  bang.  Dentistry is where it’s being used as well and the results are so startling it has changed the face of dentistry from top to bottom.  Utilizing the 3D printing technologies of 3D Systems, such breakthroughs in your industry can be had as well.

Prime example comes from Mr. Michal Hermanek, owner of MicroDent.  His company is the largest in the Slovakia regions.  They handle dental CAD/CAM services and supplies.  He sent his designs out to numerous 3D printing companies and only found 3D Systems to be what he was looking for.  Mr. Hermanek’s assessment of the superior quality of 3D Systems 3D printing is mirrored by the other clients of the company.

None can doubt that 3D Systems is at the top of their game.  Industry leaders they are and their ability to go from concept to design to manufacturing is legendary.  You’ll find that 3D Systems is now the standard setter amongst the industries involved.  From freefrom modeling, integrated 2D scan-based design couple with the traditional ways that are tried and true, 3D Systems melds the finest in procedures and oversight that fine craftsmanship demands.

They know their final products whether done in house or from remote digital input has to meet their staff’s high standard of excellence.  Only painstaking effort and real eye to digital control can achieve this and 3D Systems has.

3D Systems does things the old and new fashioned ways.  It all starts with an idea.  Something from someone, a human’s head.  Not some bank of computer graphics and things anyone can acquire, but from a real idea.  From there, their experts pour over the most effective and cost efficient way of bringing that idea to to light.  Pen to paper and from that paper to computer means a path of growth from idea to finished digital design and on to the magic of 3D printing.  Prototypes or finished products emerge and are of sturdy construct.  Their professionals inspect everything and give the stamp of approval only after rigorous examination and testing.

So when it comes to your 3D printing needs, just remember that 3D Systems is the company the professionals go to.  Efficiency is an understatement and quality the foremost.

Picture credit: 3D Systems