Recycled Bottles like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

3d printing - Recycled Bottles like You’ve Never Seen Them BeforeThe entire recycling movement is one that is whole-heartedly trying to better the world, but most people overlook the fact that recycling is incredibly crucial when it comes to the preservation of our environment. Reusing materials (especially plastic) not only cuts down on the manufacturing costs associated with the product, but it also cuts down on the potential for littering amongst other things. If there’s one thing that has the ability to blow your mind it’s definitely got to be this development, which just happens to be a 3D printer that’s been made out of recycled plastic bottles (for the most part). The EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer is a collaboration effort that brings together 3D Systems and EKOCYCLE. EKOCYCLE itself is a rather interesting brand to look at, and this is pretty much because it was originally launched by the famous musician Will.I.Am and Coca-Cola respectively.

The duty of EKOCYCLE itself is to promote a sustainable lifestyle when it comes to reusable products, and it promotes this lifestyle in a way that everybody can enjoy. Creating useful items like a 3D printer out of reusable materials shows people that they don’t necessarily need to start from scratch every single time, and it’s a way of thinking that’s needed moving forward if we’re going to change the world. It’s explained as being a tool for the future as opposed to being a tool for creation, it’s something that gets the brain juices flowing and the non-thinkers thinking. They truly believe what they’re doing at EKOCYCLE is innovative and ground-breaking in more ways than one, and most people would agree with this assessment. The plan is to work with major companies and brands across the glove the promote a lifestyle that every human being can live with comfortably, but also one that helps the world become a better place consistently.

This is the kind of product we love seeing, especially when it has to do with something intriguing like 3D printing. We know that products and companies can go into deeper roots and meanings when it comes to the development of specific items, but this really is taking it to a whole new level. EKOCYCLE and 3DS definitely deserve to garner some reputation after this whole ordeal, because creating a 3D printer out of recyclable materials isn’t exactly the easiest thing you could go about doing.

Image source: 3D Systems