3D Scanning Helps Military MRAP Vehicles

EMS Scans the MRAP-1
The new MRAP vehicle saves soldiers lives

The continued versatility and use of 3D scanning has been embraced by the U.S. Military and is accelerating and there’s no end in sight to the value of this new technology.

In this case, it’s the MRAP vehicle designed to withstand IDE and other explosive devices. Since deploying the MRAP vehicles to protect soldiers, the casualty rate has dropped remarkably. The need for 3D scanning comes in the way the vehicles need accessories like antennae and other brackets applied to the framework of the vehicle. Using 3d scanning the entire vehicle can be entered into the 3D CAD data and parts and accessories can easily be made, fit to order perfectly.

The suppliers of the electronic devices that are to fit the MRAPs needed a device like that supplied by EMS in its Z Corp Z Scanner Z800. This device allows for quick scanning and accuracy to the point that the modeled electronic parts can easily fit any corner of the vehicle.

This type of application is very innovative and highly useful. The lives saved and the optimum efficiency of the vehicles gives the military more of an edge against the enemy. It’s accuracy, speed, affordability and the continued advancement of the 3D scanning
technology means that the military will be able to achieve things faster thus protecting soldiers and their missions.

EMS Scans the MRAP-2
Finished 3D CAD feature base solid model of the front corner of the MRAP

To see 3D scanning applied this way is something the American public needs to be aware of. They can see that their family and friends in service are being allowed to use the latest technologies to safeguard themselves while they’re on duty. The enemy can’t catch up and any advantage is a good one. The MRAP vehicle is case-in-point. For years the military and people had been crying for a safer transport vehicle that protected soldiers from the relentless assault from the enemy using IDEs and other lethal devices. Being able to help improve these systems is a smart and cost effective way that leads to less misery and woe.

In this case 3D CAD data was unavailable so it was an on site use of the scanner that saved the day. EMS sold the supplier of the electronic devices their own scanner and now the military is using these scanners all over. It means better manufacturing, administering, and application of this groundbreaking technology.