How Far Has 3D Scanning Come: EA Sports Showing Off the New Technology

EA Sports Showing Off the New Technology-2
Video games are a large part of society now, and when we’re talking about sports games the leading brand (well, one of the leading brands) is EA SPORTS. EA SPORTS has taken it upon themselves to perfect the art of the 3D model this time around, because they really wanted to perfect the experience that gamers were going to have this year. The faces have never looked so life-like before, and it’s something that has plenty of fans buzzing and getting as hyped up as they’ve ever been. It’s always nice to be excited about something, but it’s even nicer when you can understand what it’s all about. 3D scanning is a process EA SPORTS has been using to collectively scan the many superstars you’ll see in the new FIFA 15 video game, and since soccer (which is known as “futbol” in many places) is so popular they needed to handle the process as cleanly as possible.

The coolest thing about this entire endeavour is that they actually printed off 3D versions of superstar heads, just to prove that they’ve created some of the most realistic graphics ever seen. The only reason they were able to accomplish this is through the use of 3D scanning, so does that mean this is what we should start expecting from video games? The graphics speak for themselves, the starts definitely look like their real-life counterparts and that’s something that we can all enjoy as soccer (or futbol, whatever floats your boat) fans. EA SPORTS worked alongside 3DPRINTUK to bring these superstars to life in their video game, and they definitely did a great job when it comes to capturing details.

They were able to go through the smallest and most intricate things you would ever see, stuff like blemishes on a person’s face or how their hair is done shows up through the use of 3d scanning technology. It really puts how much the world is innovating into perspective, it wasn’t too long ago that video game graphics were a lot more “humble” than they are today (yet they still intrigued us as if they were an alien species of some sort). One thing is for certain, 3D scanning is going to change the way people go about capturing superstars (whether they be in movies, make music or simply play sports) for a long time into the foreseen future. It’s really cool because the players got to hold a bust of their head, but it wasn’t a traditional kind of bust. It was printed using a 3D printer and sported skin tones and beauty spots alike, it’s truly something that leaves you stunned.

3D scanning is making large leaps when it comes to innovating technology, so what’s the next step? Nobody really knows but the people who actually develop the process of 3D printing, so I suppose the best thing we can do at this point is just wait. The one good piece of news is that FIFA 15 is coming out relatively soon, so be on the lookout for that.

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