Using 3D Scanning To Honor An American Hero

Chris_Kyle_Greg_marraThe wonders of the world of 3D scanning and printing just keep piling in daily. The uses are so various that one’s mind can boggle at the unending potential. In this case here’s a story about how using this technology to create a statue of a man, a hero is done.

Hero Navy Seal Chris Kyle is the subject of this breathtaking sculpture and the company EMS Inc teamed up with notable sculptor Greg Marra to scan and pring in 3D a larger than life full body statue of the fallen hero who died while assisting other veterans.

The project called for Marra’s skills and the 3D wizardry of EMS Inc to help raise money for U.S. Veterans.

Using the MetraScan 3D Scanner, Marra took the life sized sculpture and captured every detail. The data is recorded in the software where it can be easily manipulated. This allows Marra to tweak the scan and using 3D printing materials he can produce as many sculpts as he wants. He can even send the software to another location anywhere on Earth where there is a printer and have the sculpture reproduced there.

Using both traditional and high tech tools from EMS Inc, Marra can fine tune things. Starting with a small sculpt and working his way up, the painstaking process calls for expertise only a master sculptor can achieve. The magic happens after the life sized sculpt is in the computer and can then be printed just about everywhere. People can buy copies or copies can be made for fundraisers. People and organizations can bid on a sculpt thus raising money and honoring Chris Kyle and veterans all over.

This is a breakthrough for all involved. This pioneering effort shows that 3D scanning and 3D printing can be of invaluable use to causes and communities all over. There are many heroes like Chris Kyle who deserve recognition for their sacrifices and by providing such an innovative approach means that new avenues are opened for both revenue and public appreciation.

Just think of the firefighters, police officers, civilians, and even animals who’ve fallen helping others. Their lives and heroics won’t be forgotten and these sculptures will last for lifetimes. Even famous Americans from George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Daniel Boone, Neil Armstrong, and tens of thousands of others can have their likenesses captured and reproduced for collectors the world over. The cost of the equipment is dropping fast and the know-how is going to allow even mom and pop venues, small communities the chance to honor their heroes.

Not all the sculptures need to be as big as Chris Kyle’s and even smaller ones can be created and auctioned or sold on sites like Ebay. The potential revenue could be enormous and the joy and satisfaction of seeing our fallen heroes live again is priceless.

Overall, no one can argue that America and the world in general owes people like Navy Seal Chris Kyle a million times over and the same goes for who knows how many other heroes. This is just one use of 3D scanning and 3D printing that is proving itself a boon to the industry and society in general.