Racing Boat Gets Scanned Using 3D Technology

EMS-3D-Scanning-4000-High-Power-RaceboatHave you ever wanted to be able to print out a boat to use personally? It sounds like something straight out of a movie, but that’s what the ultimate goal is when you talk about EMS’s (Engineering and Mfg Services) plot to take over the 3D scanning world. 3D scanning gives us a brand new edge to make use of when it comes to the design and manufacturing of inanimate objects, at this point in time if you’re able to scan it with  3D scanner or simply design it yourself, you’ll be able to print it off. A new development regarding an expensive racing boat has shaken the 3D technology world, because when it comes to designing boats and such there are definitely harder ways to go about doing it.

The company Mystic Boats sold a racing boat to a peculiar company whom was trying to convert them into “luxury boats”, complete with bathrooms and a cockpit for the driver to relax in. The problem is that they wanted to maintain the “outer shell” (so to speak) of the traditional racing boat that they had purchase, and the only way to develop plans with the bathroom and cockpit in them would be to have a detailed layout of the original boat. This is where the Surphaser 3D scanner comes into play, because they were thinking of 3D scanning the entire inside of the boat so that they could develop accordingly. EMS has brought a lot of useful technology to the table, and when they were contacted to scan the boat there was never a second guess as to how successful they would be.

The interior of the boat was scanned (for the most part) with a 360 degree process pertaining to the Surphraser scanner, and as a result they were able to obtain almost every single nook and cranny associated with the inside of the boat. There were obviously some blank areas to look at, but the interior was gone over a second time with the Z800 scanner (which is a handheld 3D scanner). After both scans they simply laid both scans over top of one another, and the result is a perfectly sculpted 3D model of the inside of the boat. EMS is making leaps when it comes to 3D scanning innovations, so keep an open ear for anything they tackle in the future.