Making Cool Koozies With 3D Printing

Making Cool Koozies With 3D PrintingJust about everyone has used a koozie at one point or another.  One fits their drink inside and it stays cool.  Improving on this simple concept, EMS and 3D Coolie came up with a way to use 3D printing to create prototypes like never before.

The challenge was making prototypes that featured the colors and mascots of teams, companies, and such brand name items.  This prototype project traditionally takes a long time and the finished products have to be tooled and painted.  This is time consuming and expensive.

Using 3D software to design the koozies they soon began to produce the items in full color!  You can only do this with 3D printing and not like the old CNC machining.  Like mentioned before had they used CNC they still would have had to hand paint each and every item.  That’s why EMS was contacted by 3D Coolie to use their rapid prototype model of 3D Coolie’s CAD model.

Next they used EMS’ Z Corp Z650 3D printer.  This printer is the state of the art of 3D printers.  It rapidly creates prototypes to build CAD models in full color 3D.

This type of application of 3D printing goes a long way.  Companies with prototype needs can now design their products in the specified software such as CAD or 3D Systems own software and get that product printed not only on the spot but in full color.  This saves much time and money and delivers a result that execs can feel in their own hands.  No more waiting weeks and months for a prototype to be built, and having it on the table allows for the creative team and engineers to look for any improvements that need modifying.

Here, we’ve seen what the technology can do for a simple product used by millions for decades.  Just think of the everyday items around the house, shop, business that can equally be created and produced.  It is revolutionizing the manufacturing and design industry by leaps and bounds.

3D Systems is opening the door to a new world where 3D printing and technology will not only be commonplace but an essential part of our lives.  They’ve developed techniques and tools that allow for scanning huge objects to small detailed objects that would cost big money and time with traditional ones.  Now, not only can the major corporation benefit from 3D Systems’ advances.  Small companies can get the affordable products from 3D Systems thus cutting their overhead and getting products out there that would have cost a small fortune.  Larger companies with complex products like auto or plane parts can get entire vehicles scanned and modified parts scanned and printed same day.

It really is a groundbreaking day thanks to 3D Systems.